3 Parts that Should be Checked when Buying a Retro Bike


Retro style bikes are in great demand, these days. If you check out the listings on ecommerce shops, you will sense the vibe. Buying a retro style bikes is a beneficial idea for many good reasons. If you are a beginner, you can help recycle instead of making new waste.

You can get beautiful bikes without costing a fortune. When you find an older bike, you should ensure that it is in good condition and is worth for the money, the seller asking for. You are strongly recommended to consider certain things when buying a retro style bike.

Check out gear and brake cables

Replaced brake cables are easy to detect. Old ones will be corroded or frayed and may look rusty. Check if the retro bikes have good or new cables because it is for the safety of the rider. Also, check and ensure the brake pads are new and not worn down.

Check if they are adjusted rightly so that you can stop immediately with a hit on the brake. Gears should be in good condition. Have a bike mechanic looked thoroughly the bike to ensure the parts are adjusted rightly.


Check out the bike frame and tubes to find out any cracks. Look for bends in the heat tube and seat, and find wrinkles in the paintwork. These could indicate problems in the steel tubing. Look for a bent fort by checking the angle and alignment of the fork.

Tires and Wheels

Bike tires should have balanced and tensioned rims that spins freely without any interference or wobble. You may need to service the bearings if the tires don’t have balanced and tensioned rims. Bearings and bottom bracket need proper cleaning and re-greasing; otherwise you can replace them completely.

Drive chain should be cleaned and oiled thoroughly. Ensure the tires are brand new or at least replaced recently. Rubber should not be cracked and the tire should have good tread. Cracked tires need you to constantly fill up with air while replacing them can be expensive, especially on vintage bikes.

To conclude, buying a retro bikes in Melbourne is a rewarding idea. They have more style than latest models and the value can increase in the long run if you give proper care and attention. However, you should have a fair idea of what you are looking for regarding the condition of the vintage bike. 

Ask the seller many questions about the bike and also check out their personal background, such as whether they are working in a bike shop, how many years they have been repairing bikes, etc. Once you bought a vintage bike, be sure to have it checked by a bike mechanic to ensure there are no big problems.


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